“they don’t believe how she can carry that much big tittie” hahahahahahahaha
Minka tells all and is the hostess of Maximum Minka, celebrating 16 years of her career and association with SCORE magazine. Everything you could possibly want to know about Minka is in this special DVD. And in many ways, it’s also the story of SCORE magazine’s evolution. It begins with the Korean superstar’s early days in America, and shows her gradual fantasy breast-expansion from the early ‘90s to the present, Minka’s voyages on three Boob Cruises, the hooter-bouncing action of the Mega-Boob Olympics, five of her hottest, hardcore XXX fuck scenes–including a threesome with fellow bra-killer Kayla Kleevage and Blue Balls–and Minka destroying an assortment of bras. Minka takes you on a private tour of her home in Las Vegas; real-life tennis champion Minka hits the court with balls in hand, and she tours Miami’s South Beach with the SCORE staff, where she stops traffic. And that’s not all. The Extras section features rare footage of Minka at the mobbed SCORE exhibit at a trade show with fellow SCORE Girls, a intimate interview with the editor of SCORE, and even a personalized Korean food lesson with Minka. Almost three hours of mind-blowing tits, sex and exotic Asian pleasures makes Maximum Minka an absolute must-own DVD.

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The world knows her as Sheyla Hershey aka the women with the world largest enhanced breast, at a 38kkk, racist ass tits. I know her as Sheyla de Almeida and we’ve spent countless hours together. I like this hoe because
1. she’s is from brasil,
2. she is bat shit crazy, pill poppin’ drunk
3. duh nigga she has 38kkk tits I didn’t they had to make that shit up
4. she’s got a strong back
I don’t know why but she popped up in my head today and I thought I’d share her with you assholes who read this dumb shit enjoy.
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